Smooth Travel: Things to Consider and Remember


It’s almost travel season and we are sure you are already planning for yourmuch-expected holiday trip (like, why would you read this if you’re not right?). We at Laagsuroyatbp would like to help you have a great travel experience. So, be sure to remember this few tips.

For the flight

  • Be sure to check-in online on your flight the night before your travel date. Most airlines require passengers to check-in at least four hours before the flight but doing it the night before the flight surely wouldn’t hurt.
  • Always be early (set that alarm clock right)! Come in an hour earlier than your flight to avoid being late. If you’re leaving early in the morning, better to have your breakfast at the airport or just have it after the flight. You know, just to be sure you make it on time but that’s totally up to you. Also, avoid rush hour at all times.

 For your baggage

  • Be sure to weigh your baggage at home to avoid delays. If you have a check-in baggage, be sure to only put the unnecessary things in it. Keep all important belongings like wallet, cellular phones and camera on a carry-on bag (because travelling without a camera is like not travelling at all).
  • Anything liquid is not allowed inside the plane (like perfumes and stuff). You can put it in your check-in baggage but, if you don’t one, leave it.
  • If your baggage weighs close to the carry-on weight limit, best add-on a check-in baggage on your flight back just to make sure you have enough space for yourpasalubong (souvenir in English).

For the tour

  • It is highly suggested that you google tourist spots in the area if you are not familiar with the place where you are going.
  • There will surely be a lot of tour packages available in the area once you get there but it is better if you already have them arranged by your travel agency before leaving. This also helps you from getting ripped-off or scammed (things people do for money).

For yourbudget

  • We suggest you allocate your money for the following:

Δ Food

Δ Pasalubong (Souvenirs)

Δ Fares (Plane, bus, taxi or even tricycle)

Δ Fun & Adventure

Δ Emergency (best if you have a CC)


It comes highly recommended that you lay-out an itinerary for your everyday activity so you won’t be like “What are we gonna do today?” and you friend goes “I don’t know”. It would totally help you save time.


We hope this article helped you in planning your future trips. If you know people who are trying to go on a trip, make sure you share this to them. It is such a great waste of money to go on a trip and not enjoy it.


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Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong mga adventures mga laagan!


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