Diner Review: Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers


The tender and juicy patty, the melted cheese or the overall taste, just a few qualities we like about burgers.  Restaurant owners have come-up with different gimmicks in making their burgers. Be it the size, the way it’s cooked or the price, we want to try them all even just once. This may be cause by western influence or they just really taste good, either way, burgers have already made its name for the modern Pinoy.

I don’t recall it so clearly but one day we were around Fuente area and we hailed a taxi going to IT Park. The driver took alternate routes to avoid heavy traffic along Escario. As he was making his exit from the small road in between Penong’s Restaurant and Ninoy’s Payag, we saw a sign that says “Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers”. We were intrigued by what “Charbroiled” meant so we decided to check the place out.

Anatomy of a burger
Anatomy of a burger
We have learned that Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers has been in Cebu for over 2 years. Their style of making their patties is they grill it on a rack over charcoal. Aside from burgers, they also offer a long list of menu as shown on the picture below.




They claim that their patties are freshly ground, never frozen and are handmade daily. Hmmm… Sounds so promising!


Inside the place is a very simplistic interior. Given that the place is somewhat hidden, there are not much people around making the place very quiet. There were 10-15 tables in the place so going there with your squad would not be a problem.

We were surprised by their speedy service. After giving our orders we just talked a little, snapped a few photos and uploaded it online (thanks to the free Wi-Fi) and our orders were already served.


We ordered DELUXE CHEESEBURGER (the one at the back) and DELUXE BACON CHEESEBURGER. Upon ordering a burger, you will be asked either to have it with 4 oz. of patty or with 6 oz. The photo above shows the burgers with 6 oz. of patty. All of their deluxe burgers come with a side of fries but drinks are sold separately. Prices are shown on the photo of the menu way above.

We were a bit disappointed with how their burgers tasted. It was like the patty does not have any taste at all, like they did not marinate it or something. Also, they shove the knife through the center of the burger and, of course, you cannot eat it with the knife in the center so, when I tried pulling the knife out, the insides started to fall off a little bit. They could have just used a toothpick like what is commonly done with clubhouse sandwiches. We also observed the quality of the buns used. Good buns should be able to hold the burger juices while one devours them. In this case, their burger buns were too soft and cottony in texture. The burger buns disintergrates to merely a crumb with just a slice of knife through it. It does not have the chewy bite we all loved from our burgers. Its sad to think that we did not enjoy our burgers as much as expected it to be. I was not able to give it agood bite, as I was saving myself the possibilty of spilling patty juices all over me if I did such. And to add up to our already dismayed expectations, the small serving of fries clearly did not give justice to the price of the burger with its proportions. It looked like a joke! 


We would like to clarify that we only tried their burgers. We did not try any of their other menus. We are looking forward for improvements in this diner.

Have you tried Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers before? And if so, do you agree with what we have to say about them? Let us know on the comments below because we are willing to try them again if you disagree.

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Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong mga adventures mga laagan!


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