The Porter Marina Fun Fishing and Grill House Experience


As proven time and time again, it is always wonderful when your passion becomes your career and establishing your own fishing and grilling house with your friends is one of them.

Sports Fishing is growing in popularity now here in the Philippines, especially in Subic Bay and Siargao. Here in Cebu, we already have many fishing houses that brings us the thrill of dangling the bait, releasing the line and wait for the fishes to come to their peaceful demise. One of these is Porter Marina Fun Fishing and Grill House. As always, we at Laagsuroyatbp can’t help but explore the place.

Porter Marina, located at Calero, Liloan, Cebu is a good 30 – 45 minutes travel time from Cebu IT Park. If you love fishing, sports, the sea and want to relax, or discover a new hobby, Porter Marina is the best place to be. The place is serene and peaceful. Its a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Upon arrival, one can’t help but notice the beautiful view of the sea. Unlike other fishing houses, with artificial ponds or artificial lakes, Porter Marina’s ponds use fresh sea water. This rendered their fishes not having that mud-like after taste. You can guarantee that it’s fresh and clean. During our visit at Porter Marina, we learned a lot about fishing. Different baits were used for different fishes. Example, if you want to catch fresh creamy Bangus, dough (like in a pizza) would be enough as bait. But for something bigger like Lapu-Lapu, you would need a small fish to lure it to your hook.


Entrance is Php 100.00, with free use of hook and line with bait, and grilling. Their fish prices were also very pocket friendly, and given that its freshly caught, you really can say that its all worth it.

Bangus Php 180.00

Lapu-lapu  Php 600.00

Mangagat  Php 600.00


You may bring your freshly caught fishes to your home or have them cooked at the Grill house. You just have to pay an additional Php 80.00 – Php 150.00, depending on what dish you would like to have it cooked. Porter Marina Grill house also have a billiard table that you can play with alone or with friends while waiting for your food.

Since it is our first time at Porter Marina, we satisfy our taste-buds and tummies with their seafood favorites. Fried Kitong, Buttered Talaba with Toasted Garlic, Tinolang Tangigue, and Lato. Its absolutely delectable in every bite! We also tried some of their Filipino Dishes, Pancit Sotanghon Guisado and Pork Belly and it’s a two thumbs up.

porterTinola porterPancit porterPortBelly

Porter Marina also offers breakfast meals.


Please take note that if you wish to go there and just to enjoy their delicious dishes, please book your orders ahead. Porter Marina is open everyday from 8:00 am to 7:00pm. For orders and inquiries, please call 0942 384 2421.

See their picturesque view here!


A group of three Fishing Enthusiast Friends who dubbed themselves as the BAD Anglers were behind Porter Marina Fun Fishing and Grillhouse. BAD from their first name’s initials. But hey, they ain’t bad anglers at all! Their long list of sports fishing competition joined can prove that. Their love for fishing and need to indulged with their passion at one’s leisure lead them to took over Port Marina from its previous owner three years ago. Their wives and partner, (who were best friends since high school) helped them with managing the business. For them its not only about having a business and playtime fused together, but for them fishing means bonding, quality time with family and friends who mean the most.

So mga Laagans what are you waiting for? Experience Porter Marina and share your memories with us!

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Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong mga adventures mga laagan!


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