Dolce: A Cool Place to Chill




Dolce has been around for a while but we have never been there until recently because of its unlikely location. Since a friend of mine who lives nearby Dolce decided for us to meet up, I have specifically asked to meet there.




The place looks so clean because of the white furniture with chill music and just the right amount of silence; it makes such a good place to catch up with friends. There is not a lot of people which, to me, is great since I do not have to watch my every move. It feels like we are just chatting at home.




Since the place was almost empty, we got the chance to sit here (photo above). It was our first time so we really wanted to max out that Dolce experience. The couch is obviously big with a lot of magazines at the side which are free to read. It seems important for a place to be picture worthy for social media purposes and I would say Dolce has achieved that requirement. The photos below are some sample shots we took while in there.



Service is also breezy in here. I did not time it but it sure did not take long for them to serve our orders. They do not have the most courteous staff but they are not rude either; Just fine. For the most part, they answered all my questions with a smile.


I took a photo of their menu. It’s a pretty long one so go take your time viewing it. See photo below.





I personally think the food wasn’t that tasty and so was the drink. I was hoping for more flavour in my chocolate muffin (not sure if that is the real name since the food did not make much of an impact to me) and my Mango Tango. My friend thought the same about hers.




We did not order a meal because we thought the place does not serve real food so we ate at McDonald’s JY Square branch before coming here. We should have known better. Also, due to less people around, Wi-Fi is fast in the area. Or at least when we were there it was.




The place could be great if you’re into catching up with friends or just letting time pass by. Maybe you could also try their meals and tell us about it. Let us know what you think of Dolce on the comments below.


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