Rodeo Grill: Eat Like a Cowboy


One night, I awoke from a siesta that lasted longer than it should and heard my sisters’ talk about this newly opened restaurant at SM City Cebu. According to them, my younger sister, who is 9 years old, found the food so great she had to order extra rice. This is the first time this had happened to her so I made sure I try it too.




They have really committed to giving a cowboy dining experience. Everything from the entrance, the lighting, furniture, decors, food and even the waiters scream cowboy. Waiters dressed up with boots, long sleeves and a cowboy hat resembling a cowboy. Also, there are those pony heads on sticks that kids can use to play with.




I was not expecting the place to be able to cater a lot of people since it looks small from the outside. There are a number of tables inside; I failed to count them all. Space wouldn’t be a problem if you decide to come here with your squad.




The service was also quick. In just a moment’s time, they were able to serve our orders which were John Wayne Chicken for Php 159.00 inclusive of a drink and 2 cups of rice and Texas Sizzling Chicken for Php 169.00 which also comes with a drink and 2 cups of rice. If you are trying to avoid rice, you can have it served with mashed potato at no additional cost.


The serving of their food is very generous. It is totally worth the price and it tastes great too. No wonder my younger sister loved it. I wasn’t expecting a new place to serve as effectively as they had. I could confidently say it was a great experience.




After we ate our meal, we ordered this Mango Ice Box (just mango float with a more dramatic name) that costs Php 119.00. I would say it’s pretty expensive for a mango float but man it was delicious. It was perfectly chilled and so creamy the taste makes you forget the price. I say this place is worth checking out. I recommend it.


Have you been to Rodeo Grill before? Tell us about your experience on the comments below.


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