Archival Eco House: A Vision for Cebu




Living in the city has its own pros and cons. It is great to see Cebu get better and better as time goes by but sometimes, the upgrades Cebu commits will do the opposite of what we really want – to make Cebu a city that feels like home. This might just be part of the game. We are given options and we pick the best one for us. Well, we are here to show you one option that we thought would be beneficial for the residents, the city and nature.


Recently, we were invited to take a tour inside the Archival Eco House. The fact that we’ll have Hon. Nestor Archival show us around made us immediately say yes.


See, Hon. Archival is an engineer who took classes abroad to broaden his knowledge in the field. Furthermore, he suffered from health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure few years back. This made him change his lifestyle and his diet. He has made a promise to himself that he would seek natural remedies for his condition. Just so you know, he owns Toniq, it’s pretty much like Thirsty but minus the sugar and all unnatural substances.


Today, we would like to share to you what we have learned from our tour around the Archival Eco House with Hon. Nestor Archival.




The photo above shows solar panels. Archival Eco House is not a lover of bills. They promised themselves to have no water and electricity bills. We were told there were two ways of storing energy using solar panels. First is if you have batteries shown below. Second is you transport energy made by your solar panels to VECO. In that way, you electric meter would turn the other way around giving you less if not negative balance. These panels may cost you a fortune upon purchase but if you could free yourself from electricity bills, it would totally save you a lot of money in the long run. Think about it.

Below is a photo of the batteries (black ones with red wires) where energy is stored and some regulators (for some complex engineering). The batteries will also give you energy when the sun is out.




The Ecohouse also aims to be self-sufficient. The engineers do not want the household to go elsewhere to buy food for the residents and animals; they want to have that readily available inside their premises.




This one looks like a Christmas tree made with recycled bottles, does it not? Well, that’s partly correct but there is a more to it than that. If you take a closer look, you will see that these bottles are half-filled with water (We did not include the photo of the close up look for it may disgust readers. But if you want to see it, click here). They attract mosquitoes to lay their eggs in them. These bottles are then constantly checked until the mosquito eggs turn into mosquito larvae. These larvae are then fed to the fishes in the big pond shown on the photo below.




We did not even know it was a thing until we’ve seen it. Also, at the end of the pond is an ultra violet light that could attract insects at night so the fishes could eat them if they wanted to.


But fishes are not the only ones being fed here. They also have goatery, poultry and some fruit trees for humans. What makes theirs different is that the animals are grown organically. No artificial feeds and with tender-loving care kind of organic. See photo below for more info.




You don’t believe me when I say “tender loving care kind of organic”? Well, I don’t think this goat will be smiling if it wasn’t happy being here.




Ecohouse also provides for its own furniture. They have a carpentry area where they use recycled materials. See photo below.






The machine you see in the photo above is responsible for the construction of brick floors. They mix cement with recycled plastic upon construction. They could only be brick floors not walls since plastic does not make a durable walling.


We were also introduced to Vermi Composting. I’ll have the photo below give you the details on that.




This is the place where Vermi Composting happens. There is another photo that could be disgusting to some readers so if you’re brave enough to see it, click here.






Aquaponicsis not something we hear every day. As a matter of fact, I have never heard it until Hon. Archival told us about it. We have known that this is actually a system where you grow plants not on soil but on rocks and have it live off of fish waste. The fish on the other hand gets oxygen from the plants.




All you need to do is vertically cut a drum in half. Fill the one part with rocks and the other with water and fishes. Put the one with the rocks on top and the other below it. Water will continually be poured on the plants. There is an equipment that regulates the amount of water and releases it to the fishes when it’s already full. This could only cost you P2,500.00 then you could already grow plants on your own with a matching fish aquarium.




In addition, they have this technology that takes fumes from your very own septic tank and convert it to gas that could produce fire for your stove. No LPG or butane needed. Just pure human waste in its natural form. I know what you’re thinking. It’s kinda gross right? Well, I can confirm that it does not smell at all but just the idea though (haha! You feel me?) Serving food cooked from your meal the other day! XD


The Ecohouse is planning to build a village where all these could be applied. We at laagsuroyatbp are really excited about what the Archival Eco House could do for Mother Nature. We love organic and healthy so the idea of an artificial-free environment really gets us psyched. We wish Archival Eco House the best!


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Ampingughinay-hinaysainyong adventures mgaLaagan!



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