Joan And Klaire: Travel through Wonders



If you have read our blog on Hala Paella, you may have already known that the skies rained on us hard which made it hard to leave BTC. We decided to look at the positive side of this phenomenon and went to check out Robinsons.

There were some boutiques in there then we saw this astonishing wall that screams everything we wanted to do at the moment – travel! The store’s familiar logo got our attention that we agreed to get inside.


Anything that has to do with Art, Music, Travel and Vintage materials interests us. And this is exactly what Joan & Klaire offers.


The store representatives were very friendly and accommodating, Denz and Ailyn, very much answered all of our query about the store and its products.


“Travel and Be Inspired”, is the store’s slogan. The store owners, were travelers of Chinese decent and each new place they visit, they bring with them a souvenir and add this to their collection. It eventually grew big and they decided to share their collection to Cebuanos thus Joan & Klaire Collectibles Store happened. Most of the items sold at the store were collections from their travels. It is also worth mentioning that everything they sell are authentic and in good working condition be it leather,  vintage telephones, gems and all others.


If you’re a Potterhead, you might have heard of an Apothecary. Yes! They sell Apothecary bottles used in fermenting medicines. Along with a cup board to store them. They also sell scented candles and rotary dial telephones, these phones were used during the 1800’s and 1900’s, until they were replace with the dial phones, mobile phones and now, Smartphones. They also sell leather trunks and tables. As well as ancient-looking world maps, globes, and book cases used for stacking travel souvenirs and memorabilia. In addition, they also sell Crosley Record Player and some Vinyl Records, for the music lovers.  If you’re into Crafting and writing stuff, Joan & Klaire got you covered. They have wide array of pens and pencils perfect for calligraphy, decorating, and journaling. Its ancient and art merged into one.




By now we already know Joan & Klaire sell quite a lot of collectibles but what also got our attention are these authentic gem stones. There are a few sold around Cebu but these gems, as to what I think, are designed with love. See for yourselves.


I seriously had to buy this one. I mean look at it! No questions asked

This store could totally be a wonderland for the right person. We suggest you take your chance to visit this amazing boutique in BTC. You might just find yourself getting lost in it. And I just really had to use Taylor Swift lyrics on that one (haha XD) !
Go check them out at their website,

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Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong adventures mga Laagan!


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