The Cebu Film Festival and Cebu Market Expo Experience


August 16th 2015:

It was just an ordinary day for us. We were walking around IT Park when we noticed there were caution tapes on the pedestrian lanes. We wondered what they were for and hypothesized that maybe it was because there is an event happening at Waterfront. We decided to find out for ourselves. Upon entrance, we did not see anything unusual. There were no signs of any events. However, we decided to go to the pacific grand ballroom to check it out. To our surprise, there really was an event. In there was the Cebu International Film Festival (CIFF) and the Cebu Market Expo.

We ask the receptionist if the admission is free and we were told that it was. We just registered and then we got in. There were bright lights everywhere and the place was busy with people who were happy and manic at the same time. The energy that surrounds the place had a positive impact on us. It made us feel hyped and excited.

TCC Chocolate Chamber Kiosk
TCC Chocolate Chamber Kiosk

We first checked out this attractive, vintage-looking chocolate kiosk just right upon the entrance. Their arrangement was so artistic I can’t help myself from taking pictures. We also had a chat with the representative attending the kiosk and found out that they represent TCC Chocolate Chamber. They are located at the Sarossa International Hotel in Mabolo. As you can see on the photo, their chocolates are made of organic cacao seeds and it is also proudly made in Cebu.

CMB Booth
CMB Booth

As we continued wandering around the area, this flashy booth got our attention. We were close to screaming upon sight of it. We hurriedly ran towards the booth and what better thing to do but take pictures which is so common to us. And by us I mean bloggers. Little did we know that the booth was from CMB Film Services, Inc. Only the camera supplier of GMA and other networks. As shown below, they brought not only their cameras and their TV Logic screens and some fancy lights.

ciffCMBCamC ciffCMBCamH

We got to try out their cameras and take photos with their lights for free. We are not used to seeing ourselves on screen so when it happened, the artista feels was so strong we almost can’t handle it. I don’t know why but that seems pretty exciting in our present society. It’s like being famous is what everyone dreams of. Or maybe I am just being stereotypical. Though seeing ourselves on screen does not make us famous, it surely made us feel hyped and giggly.

ciffCMBTVlogic1 ciffCMBTVlogic2

On the other side of the room was the screening of independent films directed and made by local and international directors. There were 6 independent movies to be screened. Official screening was to happen on the next day the 17th of August but we could not make it back there considering we have other engagements to attend to.


As we continued to roam around, we see all these journalists interviewing business owners capturing the interview on film and jotting down notes on their tiny notebooks. It was totally a new experience for us. We just started blogging not more 2 months now so all these backstage access and these people showing interest in working with us make our hearts pound.


@ USC's booth
@ USC’s booth


This experience really opened our eyes to what we are in for in the future. And guess what, we are up for the challenge! We take this as a confirmation that we are going to do great in the near future. Thank you for growing with us.

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