Rock N’ Pizza: The First Unlimited Pizza in Cebu



Hey foodie! Today we will introduce you to your new favourite pizza place in Cebu. Say “Hello” to Rock N’ Pizza. As you have read on the title, they offer unlimited pizza which surely made you click hoping for answers for your queries. Fret not my dear food buddy! Laagsuroyatbp is here to fill you up withmuch needed information.




But first (lemme take a selfiehaha) allow us to share a few things about who they are and how they came to be.Rock N’ Pizza is owned by a Filipino-Canadian couple, Mrs. Jane Doucette and her foreign husband. Rock N’ Pizza was inspired by her husband’s love for pizza. He did not find a pizza place satisfactory enough in Cebu, with the exception of those made by her wife of course, so he suggested to build their own. Jane, though reluctant of the idea, decided it was worth the try. Probably the best decision ever made in the history of pizza in Cebu.


rnpMenu rnpMenuCeles


Initially located in Tayud, Consolacion, Rock N’ Pizza considered relocation. After two months of careful interior and business designing they have officially opened on June 12, 2015 (Philippine Independence Day) at Unit 4, Nasipit Commercial Square in Nasipit, Talamban Cebu City just a few meters away from USC-TC and Family Park. Their sign is big enough for you to notice. If you use GrabTaxi, just search for their name.


Rock N’ Pizza also has ala carte dining. We were told it took them 6 months to completely create a menu. It would be very disrespectful not to talk about it. Below are the entrees on their menu and the price range.


Ala Carte Pizza available in 6”, 10” 14” & 18” with price ranging from P89.00 to P999.00

Calzones from P150.00 to P200.00

Rock N’ Hot & Cold Sandwiches/Sub’s from P240.00 to P290.00

Rock N’ Burgers from P140.00 to P360.00

Salads from P180.00 to P290.00

Rock N’ Deserts from P90.00 to P195.00

Rock N’ Pasta from P260.00 to P380.00

Barbecue from P190.00 to P980.00

Rock N’ Sides from P90.00 to P490.00




They also have a Build Your Own Pizza which is pretty much like Pizza Republic but not really. On this one, you do not stand in line pointing on your desired ingredients, you start by getting a basic cheese pizza available in 6”, 10” 14” & 18”. After that you choose your toppings which are already bundled.




Finally we have come to the eat-all-you-can pizza. They offer 2 options for their pizza buffet. First is the Lite Pizza Buffet for P279.00 which gives you 4 pizza choices as shown on the photo below. Next is the Rock ‘N Pizza Buffet for P359.00 with 13 pizza choices and bottomless Iced Tea.



You will have to choose the pizza size which are 6”, 10” 14” and 18”. If there are just a few of you just like us, we suggest you get the 6” pizzas so that you will get to order a lot of different flavours without getting instantly full. They have a strict clean plate policy. Left-over pizzas will be charged for the equivalent amount of the pizza. Also, if all of the people around the table are on the same pizza buffet type, you are allowed to share it otherwise, you can’t.



They do not hold back on their toppings which makes their pizza so tasty and savoury. We had Chicken Alfredo, Zesty Veggie, The Bronx and Zorba the Greek. Of all pizzas we’ve tried, we recommend you to get Zorba the Greek. We would have loved to try out some more but we were too full we can no longer handle it. We also don’t have any intentions of paying double.




We also ordered Fettuccini Alfredo with Shrimp and man was it delicious! We do not have to figure out how it was made to know that the shrimps were cooked with butter and cream. Plus, the shrimps were just as tasty! Gosh! My mouth is watering as am writing this!




We all agree that the place was great. The interiors were inspired by a mix of italian and mediterranean designs. Over all, It was clean, quiet and organized. They were playing pop songs as we ate and we just failed to stop ourselves from singing along. If you love taking pictures for Facebook or Instagram purposes, this place is totally worthy.



Zorba The Greek
Zorba The Greek

Zesty Veggie
Zesty Veggie

Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Alfredo

The Bronx
The Bronx

If you think of throwing a pizza party, Rock N’ Pizza got your back.  Their second floor is reserved for functions and parties. For more information, you can call them at 318 – 8802 / 09176701340 or visit their website at Just when you think we are already done, well not yet! Rock N’ Pizza also offers deliveries and barkada packages. A real pizza-360⁰ service that is!


Rock N’ Pizza is definitely worth a second time or make that the nth time around. We at Laagsuroyatbp highly recommend you to visit this place. An easy two thumbs up to them!




Now go and try Rock N’ Pizza and tell us about it by tagging Laagsuroyatbp on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to like and follow us too!


Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong mga adventures mga laagan!


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