Sweet Incantations: A Sweet Tooth Challenge


Cupcakes are sweet, that is known but this store that we have just been into is taking it to another level. Consuming a whole cupcake from them is surely a challenge. Not because it does not taste good but because their cupcakes are too sweet one bite could get you sprinting. This cupcake vendor I am talking about is called Sweet Incantations.



Sweet Incantations is still new to the business. They started selling pastries just last August of 2014 in Escario but since they were not driving enough customers there, the management decided to relocate to Ayala. They only have a small kiosk of 3 tables on the 3rd floor of Ayala. Their place may look small but the interior is very welcoming. The place has that classic appeal and they have also managed to employ courteous staff.




Aside from cupcakes, Sweet Incantations also sells cakes, gellato, blenditions (smoothy), Teas and coffee. Price ranges from Php 50.00 to Php 200.00 depending if there are promos or not.




other products


Just so you know, my friend and I always do our best to finish whatever we have on our plates. It is so rare for us to back down from food. However, when we thought we were the greatest foodies in Cebu, we thought wrong. We have found defeat in eating like pigs with these cupcakes from Sweet Incantations. As you may have noticed, we only ordered three (3) cupcakes and we have failed to eat them all. This is such a shame for us! Funny coz when I started eating the cupcakes, it felt like there was a loud bell ringing in my ear and sugar rush just hit me harder than a Japanese bullet train on full speed. When I tried my friend’s strawberry blendition, it was so sweet it felt like a sweet upper cut that’s so strong I could fly! I am not even kidding.


We think no one can finish two cupcakes from Sweet Incantations whole. If you disagree with us, we dare you to take the Sweet Tooth Challenge! Go buy two cupcakes of any flavour from Sweet Incantation and try to consume it all. Inform us about it on Facebook or Instagram by using #SweetToothChallenge. You can also DM or message Laagsuroyatbp on one or both social media platforms mentioned. Upload your photos no matter what the results may be. We will wait for your photos!


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Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong adventures mga Laagan!


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