USA-PHILIPPINES: Two Sides of a Coin

As a “Laagan”, we always want the thrill of excitement whenever we are on a new place, exploring its culture and historical significance; if not, we always seek the best tourist destinations, be at awed with its beauty and bounty. And above all, we always want to try any extreme sports that is available. Feel the blood rushing thru our vein, the adrenaline escaping our body and senses. We also tend to get our hands on every unique souvenir we can find to give to our love ones the moment we get back home. And every time, there’s a new trend on food, or new restaurant that just opened, we always want to be the first ones to dine, taste the menu and spread the word. We enjoyed that! 

But every time we were on that place, or on that restaurant, we failed to appreciate that one thing that let us enjoy these.. Money! Don’t get me wrong, we pay on everything that we do, especially on our adventures. 
Money came in banknotes and coins, banknotes were those paper bills and have higher value than the coins. But despite this differences in value, still coins were important as its usages were endless. With that being said, money is an important part of our economy, as the amount in circulation determines the stability of our institution. Our money bares significant figures and personality. It also bares our national symbolism. It also tells us a story, of how their value came to be. Their story is a part of our culture. 


Back in 1903, after the Philippines was ceded to the Unite States of America; the Congress was the one tasked to issue money and coinage. Thus, there was a time in our history that a single coin bares both The United States of America and The Republic of the Philippines. The first US/Philippine coin was minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco. The US/Philippine coins were issued until July 4, 1946 when the US granted the Philippines full independence. 

Sometimes, its always worth to know our roots and how things came to be. ‘Til then mga laagan!
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Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong adventures mga Laagan!


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