As Junior Kilat Retires will Budoy Start Going Solo?

Official Album Cover. Credits to the owner. No copyright intended
Official Album Cover. Credits to the owner. No copyright intended

Budoy, the front man of the most successful reggae band in Cebu, Junior Kilat, has recently made his return in the Cebuano music scene. His return album entitled “Budoy Da Funk Attack” features Bruce Conte from Tower Power which just started shipping on the first week of July. The said album has a unique mix of Funk and Reggae, a rare combination in music.

Junior Kilat (photo from radio republic)

Junior Kilat was already known in Cebu back then but Budoy’s fame sky-rocketed when he joined the first season of the most famous reality show in the Philippines, Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. After the season ended, the band started doing gigs nationwide. However, they slowly faded from the music scene and now, Budoy steps back into the lime light with a brand new album. Is this Budoy’s way of saying he is starting a new career as a solo artist? Or will he be tagging Junior Kilat along this new musical journey?

Album price is Php 500.00 with shipping fee of Php 150.00 for 2 copies delivered anywhere in the Philippines. To grab a copy just email and write “ BUDOY DA FUNK ATTACK!” on the subject line.

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