Restaurant Trend: Kogi-Q luto-luto ta! (What You Need to Know)

Photo taken from Choobi Choobi's Facebook Page. (No copyright intended)
Photo taken from Choobi Choobi’s Facebook Page. (No copyright intended)

A new restaurant is recently creating a loud buzz online and eventually got our attention. According to the advertisements this restaurant offers Korean-inspired dining with a twist. They have joined team Unlimited. Imagine eating unlimited samgyeopsal (pork belly), squid rings, chicken wings, marinated boneless chicken, Chilean mussels, pork BBQ, chorizo, rice and bottomless iced tea for only Php 270.00? Not a bad deal at all! This unique marketing strategy surely captured Cebuanos’ delicate taste. I mean, I cannot stop my mouth from watering by just reading the post on Facebook.With no more words said, we gave it a try.


Kogi-Q is a sister company of, seafood restaurant, Choobi-Choobi located at Parkmall. Not a month old in the business yet but it is already making a name for itself. It is running the unlimited everything promotion to attract customers to come and dine with them (which I think is super effective!). The said promotion does not have a definite end date. So, you better hurry up before it’s too late!

white dish

Kogi-Q opens at 6:00 PM so, they neither offer breakfast nor lunch. It is best to come earlier if you are a walk-in customer especially on a weekend. If you have a reservation, being 15 minutes late results to forfeiture.

kogi q the inside

I would say the place was well organized. Maybe it’s because we had a reservation that’s why our table was already prepared or maybe they are just really responsible. As far as I am concerned, there was nothing unpleasant to my sight. Our messy cooking and oily faces were the only exception! 😀 I checked the comfort room and it was spotless.  It is equipped with soap, hand-dryer and tissue but it is for single use only, which is great for “me” time but could be bad for long lines. In addition, their kitchen has a transparent glass so you could see through it and witness how clean it is.


Kogi-Q practices self-service which means, you get all the food you want, bring it to your table and cook it on your own. Same story goes with your drink. This strategy allows them to check if there is still enough food left, clean used tables and accommodate incoming customers. When we went there, it was only their 4th day in business but they handled the place professionally. If we did not ask, we would not have known.

kogi q menu

As I have stated above, they offer a lot for only Php 270.00.What was available when we were there were samgyeopsal, chicken wings, chorizo, chicken liver on stick, Chilean mussels and squid rings. For their drinks they offered water and bottomless iced tea. They also have Chinese cabbage and kimchi for no additional cost. For an additional Php 100.00 you can get unlimited beef and shrimps but everyone in the table has to pay the extra hundred. You just have to admit it; everyone would benefit even if only one person paid. Kogi-Q got them brains bruh!

clearer sari plate

Notes for first timers:

  • It is not advised that you wear too much perfume going there because it will be worn-off by the fumes surrounding the place. However, bring one to rid the smell of fresh cooking when leaving.
  • Bring tissue or wet wipes. It would be very helpful. You’ll see.
  • Don’t stay too close to the fan, it will ruin your hair, it will fire up the stove so strong and smoke will be all over your face. Trust me, I know!
  • Cooking will take some time so, if you are already famished before getting there, expect to wait a while before you could eat.
  • Choose a thinly cut meat, cooking is just faster that way.

Now it’s your turn to try Kogi-Q and tell us what you think about it! For inquiries or reservations, call (032) 405-6010. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions leave it as a comment below.

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