Netizen Desperate for Attention Bashes Cebu Music Industry


A Facebook user named Denise Santiago has been posting rude comments on SouthSound Gears’ Facebook page about Cebuanos’ “copy-cat” music style. Musicians from Cebu has been furious about the user that his post has been shared all over social media. The user is said to be using a fake Facebook account to hide his identity.

The user made his first post on SouthSound Gears’ page saying that they are just copying their business idea from Manila companies. The user added that this mentality is causing the Cebuano music scene to fluctate. SouthSound Gears, an online shop selling brand-new and second-hand music gears has already made a comment about the issue. The company says that the business idea is common and did not originate from Manila.

What everyone thought would just be a simple misunderstanding has fired up when the notorious user made another insulting comment bashing Cebuano musicians this time. The war just got real for the Cebuano musicians that they are now on a quest to make the user famous on social media.


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