10 Controversial Cebuano Establishment


Tuslob buwa, Whale Shark watching and make-your-own Pizza (any happy memories yet?), these are just some of the many concepts that made such a huge buzz on the Cebuano internet. Today, we are going to count down the top 10 most talked about establishments in Cebu City.

10. Azul – Who would forget the first diner that made everybody love tuslob buwa? The, then, unsightly and unlikely way of dining now became a team building favourite. In addition to that, Azul is one of the very first Cebuano establishments that made it big online. If you have not tried this unique and pure-cebuano way of dining, you can visit Azul on the Streets of Asilo or any of their many braches.

9. Ice Giants –Desserts, desserts, desserts! Don’t you just love the sound of that? How much more if your favourite desert became oversized and overloaded? That is what Ice Giants do. They turned our most mouth-watering desert fantasies in to a BIG reality!  You can check them out at The Strip in Osmena blvd.

8. Bucket Shrimps – If there is one common allergy in Cebu, it has to be seafood. Like what this diner is offering. If that is so, why did they become so popular? I am asking you because even I cannot answer that question. With 29,000+ check-ins on Facebook, Bucket Shrimps surely is worthy to be on the list. Visit them on Salinas Dr. in Lahug near I.T. Park or their other branches.

7. Café Noriter – This has to be the mother of all cafes in Cebu City. Café Noriter made colorful stick-it notes a thing in cafés. It’s even weird now to get in to a café with no stick-it notes. Unfortunately, Café Noriter has already closed.

6. Whale Watching Tan-awan Oslob – Netizens really like it big don’t they? Here is another giant that swims in the southern coast of Cebu. Whale Sharks, locally known as Butanding, have become a popular sight-seeing activity not only by cebuanos but by people all around the globe all year round. See these giants yourself in Tan-awan, Osblob, Cebu.

5. LIV Super Club – Feel like living the lifestyle of the rich and famous? LIV Super Club is the place to be! People from the higher part of society just can’t stop checking-in on this club with all the dress-to-impress action. Local artists, pretty girls and pretty boys, you just can’t help but join them. Visit LIV Super Club at Cebu City Times Square.

4. Pizza Republic “Pick + Mix” by Giuseppe Genco – Here, is to awaken the inner chef in you. Make-your-own pizza is a unique concept that was embraced by cebuanos with wide palms and open mouths. For only Php 250.00 you get to make a Pizza however you want it to be. Overloaded or minimalist, you call the shots! Pizza Republic is located on Salinas Dr., Lahug, Cebu City.

3. Casa Verde – Introducing Cebu’s master of oversizing. Am I the only one seeing a trend here? Anyways, this is the first Cebuano restaurant to offer oversized dishes and drinks one’s eyes just can’t dare to ignore. No wonder they earned a total of 17,000+ likes and 77,000+ accumulated check-ins on Facebook.

2. 7 eleven – When the world’s famous, braing-freezing slurpee hit Cebu, people from all walks of life just came crashing to 7 eleven. It was such a success that there are now approximately 30 7 eleven branches in Cebu City alone. Can you seriously count all of them? It’s like when you are still counting they are again building another branch somewhere you have already passed. Because of that, 7 eleven is easily the 2nd Cebuano establishment that almost broke the internet in Cebu. Don’t even dare to ask me where it is located because I can just simply tell you to look to the nearest corner.

And finally, drum-roll please, our top 1.

La Vie Parisienne – Do I even have to explain this? Well, let’s see, they have 20,000+ likes on Facebook. 109,000+ netizens claim to have visited them. They have the largest wine library in Cebu, picture-perfect interior design and that lovely European ambiance. What more? Just exactly what more can you ask for? A perfect place for chillin’ and catching up with friends. If you, somehow, are not part of those 109,000+ people who have been here, you can experience Paris in Cebu at 371 Gorordo Ave., Lahug, Cebu City.

So, if you want to open-up a new business, you already know what the trend is. If you have any issues with the ranking, you can drop a comment on the comment section below. We also accept suggestions for our next blog. Don’t forget to like and share this article too.

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    1. Haha funny you asked. This article is actually an experiment. Sorry if you feel like you have wasted your time. If you could tell us in which areas we can improve, we’d definitely appreciate it. Hope to hear more from you.


  1. how about a lechon hopping…i’ve done it but only 3 brands of lechon… hired a taxi for all the trips to El Corazon in Talisay city, CNT at, don’t know the place near SM Cebu, and Zubochon in Lapu-Lapu. And the ratings, Zubochon, CNT, El Corazon.. I was looking for Rico’s but it’s out of way..CNT was very original in taste,like the good old days…El Corazon, very tasty like lechon kawali…Zubuchon, super good…besides the traffic, it was limited to only 3 for the day for fear of a BP soaring up…i brought home some CNT and packed to the max my pandesal with it…sooooo delicious!


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