Secrets Hidden within CITOM Headquarters

 Is this were our taxes go? Is this what’s expected from the so-called government officers, who claimed to work their butts off for the service of the general public? 

Phoebe Enriquez Estreba, was so suprised with what she saw that she immediately took a photo of it. Phoebe was at the CITOM Headquarters to claim her car after it was clamped outside Cebu Doctor’s Hospital earlier this week. She then saw these CITOM officers were playing games and scrolling through Facebook. 

Humans as we are, we always sought that break from work. We need to rest for a while, to recharge for another few hours of mind-bugling tasks. However, the acts of these officers were truly out-of-hand, abusive, and unacceptable. 

This photo just shed some light, to question whether or not the City Traffic Operations Management or CITOM were true to their words. They promised to provide us with professionalized personnel and efficient logistical support. But how can they provide us with such service when they were inside their dens, procrastinating their time away with social media access and online games during their office hours. When they can freely do their recreation on a given break time. As officers they were expected to do their best to provide service and convenience to the general public. I simply cannot fathom and accept that my hard-earn tax were given to the government for the pleasure of this lazy-butt dudes. 

How about you? What is your stand on this issue? Please like and share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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