Must-Haves Even Backpackers Do Not Know!


Ever heard of the word backpacker before? Of course, you have! If you are bold enough to go on this challenging feat, we will give you a head-start by giving you the must-haves of a wondrous backpacker.

So without further ado, the must-haves are:

1.Plastic Bags – Weird, right? But this is an essential. Especially when you find yourself all wet for any unexpected downpour or for any other reason that you get your clothes wet and there is a need to change. Simply, put all the wet stuff inside a plastic bag to protect all your other precious stuff from getting wet. You do not want you backpack dripping, do you?

2-3.Knot-Tying Skills and Survival Paracord – Now, this is rarely told! Some backpackers don’t even know the importance of this duo. Tell you what; this duo can do various tasks from securing torn bags, using it as tourniquet, putting up tents, making emergency suspenders and much MUCH more! You cannot tell when accidents happen better have this handy than sorry.

4.Geographical Skills – This may be basic for some, but if you are new to this game, let me just tell you that this is an absolute must-have before going on an actual adventure. You wouldn’t want to get lost simply because you cannot read a compass or a map.

5.Unlock/ Open-line phones – If you are going on a trip abroad, it is best to just buy a prepaid stand-alone SIM card for calling, texting and data access. It could totally save you a fortune!

6. Swiss Knife – This can be your best friend when you are out in the field. It comes with almost everything you need. Knife, scissors, wine opener, can opener just to name a few. However, great power comes with great responsibility. Restrictions on this tool can be high on various ports and stations.

7. Insect Repellent – Certainly a must have! Who wants to come home ugly? Most people fail to realize the necessity of having one handy. This could spare you life-threatening diseases caused by foreign insects. Be sure to have it on your checklist!

8. Anti-Histamine – This seems obvious but this is one important thing most people forget about. Being in an unfamiliar ground just makes you unsure of the purity of the very air you breathe. If you are to try something new, be sure you are not allergic to such a thing. If you find yourself in doubt, taking anti-histamine surely wouldn’t hurt.

9. Iced Tea/ Tea – Whaaat? Are you kidding me now? Iced tea? Well, we say, a big fat glossy Y-E-S! Studies show that tea containsTannins and L-Theanine that neutralizes venom caused by snake bites. Therefore, it is essential. I bet you did not know that, did you?

10. The Basics – Now, these are the things we don’t even have to think about. We just included this so you would know that we did not forget about the FUN part of traveling. -Camera -Smart Phone

-Power Bank -Money

-Durable and reliable backpack



-any prescription drugs or medicine if you are taking any

-and the list goes on depending on how much of a fashionista you are

We hope this helped you get what you need to start your endeavour in becoming a backpacker. If you think we missed out anything worthy to be included on the list, please do not hesitate to comment. Like if you had fun reading this article and tell us which part you liked or hated in the comments below.

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