Cebu’s Newest Vegetarian Craze

Cebu’s Newest Vegetarian Craze

Let’s eat vegetarian

Do you ever feel so tired of partying and being drunk every night that you sometimes think of going for a healthier meal to make up for your health? Or maybe you are not the partying type, but rather, the always busy one who never has time for yourself so you are forced to eat junk, microwaveable or fast food. Nothing fits you? Ok, then maybe, you are just one of those people who can balance their time and can manage to squeeze in gym sessions, yoga, aerobics, Zumba or any other form exercise. Or maybe, you don’t exercise; you just make yourself a healthy meal everyday. Well, whoever you are in this walk of life, read on because we got something interesting for you.

On May 6th, 2015, Filipino-Chinese businessmanMr. Robert Lim who was raised in California from a vegetarian family, made his way back to the Philippines to turn dreams to reality. He opened up a small vegetarian restaurant named “Planet Vegis” located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, on E. Osmena-Julio Diaz Street in Guadalupe, Cebu City, mostly targeting young vegetarian, if not vegan, customers. Yuck! Some fast-food lovers might say, but don’t throw up just yet, their menu also offers equally delicious food for the non-vegetable loving mouths out there.

Ok… Enough introductions and let’s get to the real deal!

Planet Vegis!

The photo above shows the façade of “Planet Vegis”, the best vegetarian and vegan restaurant you probably will ever come to in Cebu. Trust me when I say, even your non-vegetarian friends will love it here.

us inside

The moment I stepped inside the restaurant, I immediately felt the frenzy to take A LOT of pictures. The entrance has an oriental appeal with some Buddhist ornaments causing a calm and serene feeling. The table cloths on all of the tables look like they have been imported from India (this has not been verified). The overall design of the table just made me feel expensive!

Inside the restaurant are around 5 tables.In addition, the door you see at the far back portion of the place, the one with the “No pets allowed” sign, is their buffet area which opens every weekend. And the price, you ask? Only P199.00! Not so bad huh.


Well, was it clean? If you ask me, I’d definitely say YES! I even went to the comfort room and wash area to check and indeed they were spotless. Even the buffet area we were escorted into was clean though it was not a weekend (it was a Wednesday).

The Bar

When it comes to service, efficiency certainly was the name of the game. The dishes we ordered were served in less than 15 minutes. We had Spaghetti garlic with basil, Fettuccini, Fresh Garden Salad, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet and A platter of Brown Rice.And the servers? Hmm..they were not the most talkative people on Earth (which I understand since they were guys). However, they were very respectful and they are not moody unlike some waiters in some other restaurants I have dined at.


Ok, now this is hard since it can get very subjective. However, If I were to rate the food from 1-10, 10 being the highest, I would say, food alone, was an 8. There is actually nothing out of the ordinary in the way the food tasted but thinking how there are so many ordinary ingredients omitted and it still tastes good is pretty hard to achieve which definitely makes it worth a second round!

Positive comments

I like the way Planet Vegis has committed to vegetarianism. They use coconut oil since it is a healthier choice and is best for cooking. They also have a strict No MSG policy. No eggs and dairy. (oops! May have gone too far but I support it)

It is great how you could just say what kind of a vegan you are, e.g. Buddhist Vegan, and they would adjust their cooking according to your preference.

My suggestions

If they could just expand the area a little more, it would be so great. Especially if they use their front yard for diners who want to eat outside for a more natural feel.

The place has a strong fine dining vibe to it, but the music is coming from a radio. I am aware that they have place ads over the air but it kills the fine dining feel. I would suggest solo piano to intensify the feeling of luxury and serenity.

Lastly, the logo. I think it kills the fine dining feel of the place. We asked them why they chose such a logo and they said it is to attract younger customers. I still think they could come up with a better one.


If you want to know more about Planet Vegis, call them at (032) 254-7544.

Like their facebook page at Planet Vegis Cebu.



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6 thoughts on “Cebu’s Newest Vegetarian Craze”

  1. They do use eggs and dairy for some dishes and beverages. Don’t forget Knicker Bucker, Mango and Avocado Shake and Halo Halo are milk based. It is marked on the menu when an item isn’t vegan. The place is generally clean even on weekends. Music on average is fine. There were days when they play soft classical music, popular pieces of Claude Debussy, new age piano, new age Indian fusion, light jazz, spanish classics, etc. There was only one occasion when they played the ad from the radio. I go there at least three to four times per week. I would not consider Planet Vegis a luxurious place, rather a cozy laid back Spanish-Thai inspired interior and decor. If it were luxurious, I would not come dine in my Birkenstocks or “dog walking Eccos”. Have I forgotten, I sometimes bring my Belgian Malinois inside when there are no other clients. 🙂


    1. Thank you for sparing some time to read the article and share to us your thoughts about it. The truth is, we are not regular customers there. We were just told about the place and thought it would be nice to feature it in our blog. All that we have known and experienced in Planet Vegis were laid out on this article. Though we have clarified that they allow pets in there, we failed to update it. About it being luxurious, well, I guess different people can look at the same thing and have various perceptions of it.


      1. Hi Laagsuroy!
        It is nice of you to write this post. You are right, what is luxurious to others may be standard to some. It’s very subjective. I did not write about my dog to prove that pets are allowed or not allowed, rather, it was to emphasize that I don’t consider it a luxurious place. It is neither negative, nor positive, just my neutral observation. Personally, I don’t like luxurious places :D, because I hate dressing up and they often charge you a hefty price for the services and food. Thanks for taking the time to answer.



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