Hi! We are Laagsuroyatbp, a fresh blog site based in Cebu, Phillipines. A blog site that aims to feature Cebu’s best spots, restos and even events. We know that there are times when we need to go out of that scope to provide entertainment to our readers. So, we decided to add “atbp” (etc.) to our name.

The idea of Laagsuroyatbp was conceptualized during the time when we got so bored with our work-to-home-to-work routine. My friend and I decided to do something we would both have fun doing. We know that we are capable of doing more than boring ourselves with our current situation. We know that we have a talent that the world could enjoy for free. We do not say we are perfect but that is the goal. May we be the medium of entertainment for those who are searching better things to do.

Everyday, we discover new things about blogging, wordpress and even connecting to our audience on various social media platforms. Every passing day we get better and we are ever grateful to you, our readers, for taking the time to see what we have to offer and for giving us the freedom to live a better life.

Since we are just starting and we do not know much about the blogging industry, please help us grow and learn by dropping comments on each article so we would know which points we hit or missed. That would mean so much to us.

We have never been this thrilled and excited in our lives.

Thank you wordpress for this opportunity and thank you to our readers who support us.


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